PYN Elite down 1.6% in May

— 06.06.2022

VN index -5.4% in May dragged down by steelmaker HPG and banks. PYN Elite (-1.6% MoM) fared better as VHM rose 10% on a successful project launch. In May, the index plunged -14%, then recovered 10% from its low. We are into the 3rd month of high-profile arrests and crackdowns on stock manipulation and unethical bond marketing, and the Chairman of the State Securities Commission and CEO of HOSE were both dismissed. In the meantime, a few companies – either mandatorily or voluntarily – bought back their corporate bonds before maturity, setting a monthly record of early repurchase of such bonds. Anecdotal evidence suggests such funding sources come from the stock market.

Trading liquidity dropped by 30% to $760m from a 12-month average of $1.1bn. Margin lending balances at leading brokers dropped by 20-30% in late May from 1Q2022.

May macro: The macro recovery continues. Industrial production +10.4% YoY, Retail sales +22.5% YoY, Export +16.4% YoY, PMI rose further to 54.7 in May, and 4M2022 passenger car sales +43% YoY. The inflation (+2.9% YoY) faced some upward pressure from petroleum prices. In May, S&P upgraded Vietnam’s sovereign credit rating to BB+ with a stable outlook, which will help to lower funding costs for banks and blue-chip companies.

Stock of the month: CMG is a low profile technology company, 30% owned by its founders, 30% owned by Samsung and 5% by PYN Elite. Similar to its much larger peer FPT, CMG has telecom (broadband + data center) and software businesses. CMG started Software Outsourcing (SO) in 2018 with 500 employees. The headcount has grown by 5 folds to 2.5K now and the company achieved breakeven last year. To ensure a sufficient supply of IT engineers, CMG acquired a university with the eventual goal of having 10,000 students. CMG set an ambitious target to grow revenue by 40% per year to reach $1bn by 2025E.

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