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PYN Elite is a Finnish equity fund (AIF) that has invested in Southeast Asian stock markets with convincing results for over 20 years. The story goes on, welcome to join.

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A small book about investing

A book has been made of PYN Elite fund’s past years in Southeast Asia, which has been compiled from the investor letters written by our Portfolio Manager Petri Deryng over the years.  Read about the fund´s eventful times in Thailand and the latest turns in Vietnamese market.

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+3298 %

Total return

cumulatively on PYN Elite since the inception in 1.2.1999 until November 2020. Average annual return 17 %.



Million euros

of assets under management in PYN Elite Fund in November 2020. PYN Elite is the largest investment fund registered in Finland investing in Asian equities.



of experience in the Asian stock market, and also the equity fund managed longest by the same portfolio manager in Finland.


Equity investment allocation in Vietnam

PYN Elite has been investing in Vietnam since 2013 and today all of our equity investments are in Vietnam, which is among the fastest growing economies in Asia.

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