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PYN Fund Management Ltd (hereinafter ”PYN”) is an alternative investment fund manager as referred to in the Finnish Act on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (162/2014, as amended). More information of PYN and the PYN Elite Fund (hereinafter ”PYN Elite” or the ”Fund”) which is managed by PYN is available at www.pyn.fi/en.


This website contains general information about PYN and PYN Elite but does not provide a complete description of the Fund or the risks associated with it. All information and material provided on the website is published only for information purposes unless otherwise stated in a separate and specific notice.

Information regarding PYN Elite is available in the Fund material, such as in the rules and prospectus of the Fund.


PYN does not warrant or guarantee that the information and material published on the website is correct and perfect. PYN does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the information or material. To the best of PYN’s understanding, the information published on the website is true and correct on the date of its publication.

PYN is not liable for any financial or other, direct or indirect, damages that may result from the information or material published on the website or any errors and omissions in such information or material. No material published on the website is to be construed as investment advice, a solicitation, a recommendation or a binding offer to buy or sell fund units or other securities, nor is it to be interpreted as a solicitation to undertake any other investment activity or any other services. An investor acts independently and base their investment decisions on their own research and assessments. An investor should consult their own advisors in assesment of funds and tax, business, or financial aspects related to it. An investor bears the risks associated with the investment at their own responsibility.

Subscription notices regarding PYN Elite must be made based on the information provided in the most recent prospectus, any key information document, the rules of the Fund as well as the most recent audited annual and/or semi-annual report. Any and all information presented shall be qualified by the information in the respective fund prospectus, which is available on the website.

PYN is not responsible for materials and information provided or published by third parties on the website. Any link to a third-party website or information is provided only for additional information purposes.


The content of the website is provided as is at any given time. PYN may, without prior notice, update or change the website and its content and features as it sees fit. The website is intended to be maintained for 24/7 use, but PYN does not guarantee perfectly uninterrupted operation of the website and its services at all times. For example, maintenance and updates made to improve and enhance the website may cause temporary disruptions in its usability. PYN also reserves the right to update or close the website at any time without prior notice.

PYN accepts no liability for direct or indirect damages resulting from interruptions in website usage, changes made to the website, data transmission connection issues, or connection delays.


The PYN Elite invests in a concentrated portfolio of companies of a small to medium market capitalisation located in the Asian region. Share prices of such companies may be much more volatile and their trading liquidity much lower those of the shares of larger companies. The Fund must therefore be considered as a high-risk investment. The value of an investment may either rise or fall and investors are therefore at risk of losing part or all of the assets invested in the Fund.

The Fund may be closed or redemptions and subscriptions of its units suspended in accordance with the Fund’s rules. Neither PYN Elite nor PYN guarantees the availability of the service. The Fund or PYN accepts no liability for any financial loss or any direct or indirect damage which may result from an investment or other decision based on the attached material.


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PYN does not accept liability for damages resulting from force majeure. Force majeure includes, for example, measures of authorities, acts of terrorism, war, cyberattacks or threat of such, industrial action, general disruptions in the electricity or telecommunications network, or interruptions, disruptions in postal services, automatic data processing, data transfer, other electronic communication, or any other reason that unreasonably complicates PYN’s operations and is out of PYN’s control.


This website is intended for permanent resident of Finland and entities registered in Finland. The website or funds managed by PYN are not intended for any other parties unless separately agreed or stated otherwise. Especially investors residing in the United States of America (USA) may not invest in PYN Elite and PYN Elite may not be, directly or indirectly, marketed, offered or sold within the United States or to citizens of the United States or to US companies or on behalf of them.
PYN is entitled to temporarily or permanently block visitors to the website from one or more region(s) outside of Finland.


These terms of use are governed by Finnish laws regardless of the country in which the website is used.

In the event of any discrepancy between the two language versions of the terms of use, the Finnish version shall prevail.

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