Petri Deryng

Portfolio Manager and Board Member, born 1961. Petri is the founder of PYN Fund Management. He has been a portfolio manager for the PYN Elite Fund since its inception in 1999. Petri has been quoted among the most successful portfolio managers in Finland and Europe. By Citywire, Morningstar and Arvopaperi Magazine. He has 30 years of experience in visionary and successful equity investing. Prior to starting as a full-time portfolio manager, Petri worked as an entrepreneur in the media industry in radio and television program productions. Petri is a graduate of economics. Petri has been living in Asia for a long time on the target markets for PYN Elite investments. In addition to investment, important things in his life are family, sea and fishing, as well as skiing, walking and cycling.

The good and the bad news

— 13.10.22

TPB was among the first ones from our portfolio to come out with the Q3/2022 results. The bank continued its strong performance. In Q3 its earnings growth was 54% YOY, partly because of weak numbers from the previous Covid year.…

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