Monthly Reviews

December 2018

— 02.01.19

Vietnam’s economy ended 2018 on a positive slew of superlatives. 2018 GDP growth reached 7.08%, the highest in 11 years and exceeding the government’s target. PMI in Dec as well as the average PMI of 2018 was 53.8, the highest…

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November 2018

— 03.12.18

By end Nov, VN Index has lost -23% from its peak in April, while PYN Elite has declined -16%. Bank Sector has lost on average -35% from its peak. The underperformance was mainly due to the credit growth had been…

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October 2018

— 01.11.18

In October, the global stock markets continued to face with turbulence and strong sell-offs in the Chinese and US exchanges. Vietnam’s stock market was not immune to volatility, VNIndex lost 10.1% MoM, a bit less than its sharp drop of…

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September 2018

— 04.10.18

In September, PYN Elite Fund advanced 4.2%, outperforming VNIndex which was up 2.8%. The fund was supported by MWG and our midcap stocks. It seems investors are increasing interested in small and midcap stocks where valuations are the most attractive.…

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August 2018

— 05.09.18

In August, PYN Elite gained 5.4% primarily supported by VND, HBC and HDB. VN Index advanced 3.5% on energy name GAS and banks. Trading volume remained subdued at $230m/day in August, cf. $350m/day in 1H2018. After all 720 Vietnamese companies…

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July 2018

— 08.08.18

In July, the Vietnamese market remained weak for the fourth consecutive month following strong foreign net sell. VN Index lost 0.46% despite the recovery in the second half of the month thanks to support from 2Q positive results of some…

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June 2018

— 05.07.18

A stronger dollar and fear of a US-China trade war kept the Vietnam stock market soft: VN Index lost 1.1% in June, the third month of correction in a row. Liquidity declined, but foreigners’ net selling slowed down to a…

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May 2018

— 06.06.18

The sharp correction in April by financials and large-caps evolved into a broad market sell-off in May, with a little recovery at month-end. While some names’ corrections were anticipated, many quality stocks were also sold off indiscriminately under panic. The…

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April 2018

— 05.05.18

VNIndex hit its all-time high early in April but unfortunately, could not maintain the momentum as the month went and tumbled 10.6% following big sell-offs in large caps and the lack of foreign net inflows. If subtracting put-through transaction of…

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