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— 15.04.20

Vietnam’s latest COVID-19 figure is 266 infections. Only one new infection has been detected in the last 24 hours. No country has been able to compile statistics on virus infections correctly, but it is wrong to assume that numbers from…

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— 25.02.20

The Vietnamese market was attractively priced even before the stock market slump caused by the coronavirus. Vietnamese listed companies have seen good earnings growth, but the index has been consolidating and getting ready for a further take off for a…

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A month with Coronavirus

— 19.02.20

The coronavirus has brought VN Index from 990 level to 920 in a month, with the weakest trading days visiting below 900. The first 3 weeks of the year were very promising. The index performed nicely due to good company…

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Good Results

— 27.01.20

The Vietnamese stock market has been sluggish for a long time, while the US stock market and several individual Finnish stocks have performed well. However, all the elements for a brisk stock market performance in Vietnam exist; here are the…

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Realizing MWG Gains

— 10.01.20

At the end of November, we agreed on a block trade where we halved our MWG stake by selling seven million shares at a good premium compared to the stock market price. As the purchase price deviated from the stock…

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Value back to glory

— 24.10.19

Global stock markets have witnessed a strong outperformance favoring growth stocks for a longer period of time, during this period the valuation gap between growth and value stocks has risen unequally. This same development has also affected the market performance…

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Vietnam GDP +7.3%

— 28.09.19

The good pace of industrial production in Vietnam keeps GDP growth up to speed. General Statistics Office of Vietnam just released preliminary third-quarter growth figures, which were surprisingly good; growth of 7.31% from last year and thus a nine-month GDP…

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MWG shows signs of awakening

— 26.06.19

Vietnam’s stock market is buzzing at around 950 points. In April 2018, the market took an upward hike, surging to around 1,200 points, but after the subsequent correction, the index has been trading at between 900 and 1,000 points. From…

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Share warrants

— 19.06.19

Warrants will be launched in Vietnamese stock market. Brokers have already issued warrants and individual share warrants will be listed in the near future. The demand of share warrants is especiially high for the companies with full foreign ownership limits…

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