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CTG-bank’s earnings up 43 %

— 11.01.21

PYN Elite’s portfolios’ biggest position CTG reported preliminary information on 2020 results last Wednesday. Bank’s earnings were up 43 % which was even more than our expectations. News certainly landed on the market as a big surprise. CTG had been…

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Situation under control

— 26.05.20

The Vietnam Stock Exchange started in 2020 with an index reading of 960 (A). The Vietnamese economy was having good growth and the earnings expectations of listed companies were rather robust. At the turn of the year, a period of…

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— 29.04.20

The signals of the COVID-19 epidemic from Vietnam have been encouraging this week. People have been able to return to shopping malls and streets. The virus no longer seems to scare the public. Some schools have reopened this week and…

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— 20.04.20

The Vietnamese stock exchange has been on a slide since April 2018 by 35.2 percent. Decline is now 18.8% since the beginning of this year. After the weak two-years performance, about one fifth of the stock market’s value has been…

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