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Covid turbulence

— 25.08.21

The Vietnamese stock market has once again taken a few steps back due to news of Covid-19. In about a week, the VN Index has declined five percent. Investors have been frightened because of the increased infections numbers and the…

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Ho Chi Minh City closure

The situation with Covid-19 has taken a turn for the worse in Vietnam. The local government of Ho Chi Minh City made a drastic decision: the city was closed, and a two-week curfew took place. Army units were brought into…

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Vietnam’s Credit Rating Upgraded

— 16.04.21

Fitch upgraded Vietnam’s outlook in April from stable to positive. Credit Rating Agency highlighted in the review Vietnam’s ability to sustain high growth and the brisk outlook of the economy. Vietnam’s public debt-to-GDP ratio also stands out, as it reflects…

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Profit-taking was exaggerated

— 26.01.21

The Vietnamese Stock market has started the year 2021 with bullish expectations. Companies’ earnings previews from the last quarter of 2020 have been strong, and the local analysts have confirmed the robust growth estimates for the year 2021. The forecast…

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CTG-bank’s earnings up 43 %

— 11.01.21

PYN Elite’s portfolios’ biggest position CTG reported preliminary information on 2020 results last Wednesday. Bank’s earnings were up 43 % which was even more than our expectations. News certainly landed on the market as a big surprise. CTG had been…

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