Fund units in the PYN Elite Fund (non-UCITS) can be subscribed monthly, on the last Finnish banking day of the month. The minimum subscription is EUR 10,000. If you already have invested in PYN Elite, the minimum amount of an additional subscription is  EUR 2,000. The full subscription payment (the sum of the investment) must be received in the Fund’s bank account by 06:00 p.m. (UTC +2) on the day of subscription.

The subscription order is binding.

The next subscription date is Friday 26.2.2021.


Please fill in the form carefully and send the signed document to PYN Fund Management together with the required additional documents to latest by the subscription day.

Foreign private person (pdf)Non-Finnish Legal Entity (pdf)

Subscription request must be made in writing and received by PYN Fund Management by the subscription date. In addition to the written request, PYN Fund Management must receive any necessary powers of attorney, extracts from the trade registry and other documents needed to prove the investor’s identity and authorization.

Before subscribing please familiarize yourself with the Key Investor Information Document, the Prospectus and the Rules of the Fund. They contain the subscription and redemption terms which you as a customer accept when making the subscription payment. After the subscription date, we will send you a subscription confirmation document.