New investor letter: Vietnam will continue to grow

The momentum of Vietnam’s economy has slowed following the rest of the world, but the country continues along its growth trajectory and the course for this decade has been set. In our latest investor letter, we describe Vietnam’s success story…

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In Vietnam we trust – PYN Elite’s new presentation

In this presentation you will find our top holdings and our view on Vietnam’s economy. Vietnam’s GDP is expected to continue at an excellent annual growth rate of 6%-7% for the next ten years. In 2020 the country’s economy will…

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PYN Elite Fund (non-UCITS) – Amendments to the Rules of the Fund

On 1 March 2019, a number of amendments and changes to the Finnish rules and regulations concerning common funds came into effect. To account for these changes, the Board of Directors of PYN Fund Management Ltd has decided to amend…

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February 2019

In February, VNIndex rose 6.0%, mainly supported by foreign inflow. The stronger foreign inflow has been sustained after the January 30 press conference of FED chairman and release of FED minutes 3 weeks later elaborating the dovish message on rate…

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PYN Elite Key Sectors 1/2019

PYN Elite Key Sectors outlook per 02.02.2019.

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